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Do you want artificial intelligence to design your next vacation?

Our artificial intelligence can make your next trip more...

Autoidea is transforming travel trip-by-trip.

According to Buzzfeed, more than 66 percent of Americans feel stressed about planning vacations


Our artificial intelligence makes planning your next vacation a whole lot easier. Find ideas and destinations just right for you with the free version of Autoidea. Unlock hundreds of more ideas with the paid version, automatically generate multi-day trip plans, and get an ad-free experience. Travel stress-free with Autoidea!

See how it will work for your vacation

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How it works

Learn how the artificial intelligence behind Autoidea really works...

Travel is for everyone

Autoidea gives suggestions tailored to your preferences, hobbies, and interests


Do more with Autoidea Beta

With Autoidea Beta you can...

Get access to more trip suggestions

Get access to .pdf files and spreadsheets which accompany trips as well as more detailed descriptions

Create a promo code and share your Beta membership with a friend for 30 days

Get an ad-free experience

Embed Autoidea on your website to increase user engagement using artificial intelligence (Pre-approval required)

By joining the waitlist you will be the first to be notified when Autoidea Beta launches and will recieve a promo code to use a free trial version of Autoidea Beta. No payment information is required to join the waitlist.

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